Balance and Vestibular Disorders

Balance and Vestibular Disorders One in three adults has experienced problems with dizziness and balance. There are several systems in the body working together to maintain your balance. If any of these symptoms are not functioning normally you may experience a sense of dizziness or the feeling that you are moving when you are not. This can lead to a fall or other injury. With the appropriate intervention most falls can be avoided.

Falls are the leading cause of injury related visits to the emergency room in the U.S today. More than 1/3 of adults over the age of 65 falls each year... 85% of falls are the result of a balance problem. There are 1,000 hip fractures in the US everyday. 95% are caused by fall. Falling is not a natural by product of aging and falls can be prevented.

The Balance Therapy Program at Advantage Therapy can help with the diagnosis and treatment of your balance disorder. Advantage Therapy Centers is the only outpatient facility that offers both the testing necessary to pinpoint the reason behind your dizziness and the therapy necessary to treat your condition.

Our team of caring therapists that can help you keep going straight ahead with your life. Our team works with your physician to develop an individualized plan to diagnosis and treat your condition. Vestibular Rehabilitation and Balance Therapy are effective in reducing, and often eliminating the symptoms of dizziness and balance disorders caused by inner ear problems, vascular, neurological, or environmental conditions.

The benefits of therapy will last far longer than the short amount of time you spend in therapy with us. Coming to Advantage Balance Centers will be one of best decisions you will make for yourself. Call today!

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